A Prayer for My Pastor
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A Prayer for My Pastor

Lord Jesus,

You are our great Good Shepherd. What's more, you have graciously given pastors to your church on earth to shepherd your people as your representatives. Thank you!

Thank you especially for (name your pastor).

Stir up the gifts you have placed in (name) for doing your work among us (1 Timothy 4:14).

Teach (name) the kindness and gentleness toward others that only you can teach (1 Timothy 5:1–2).

Lead all of us to honor (name's) preaching and teaching, to listen, believe, and obey (1 Timothy 5:17).

Protect (name's) health and family from the attacks of the evil one, and draw all family members closer to you and to one another (Titus 1:6).

Remind (name) daily of your help and support; of your suffering, death, and resurrection; and of the crown of glory you have promised your faithful servants—a glorious crown that will never fade away (1 Peter 5:4).

Work in all of us at (name your congregation) so that we submit gladly to (name's) leadership, recognizing the authority and responsibility you have established in your church. Help us to live together in peace and zeal for your Gospel so that on the day you call (name) to give an account, may it be a joy for (name), not a time of grief (Hebrews 13:17).

Open our hearts to be truly thankful for (name's) work among us. Open our eyes to see ways to be more supportive and encouraging. Show us how to overlook faults and to celebrate the gifts you have poured out on us in (name).
All for the glory of Christ Jesus and the growth of his kingdom. In his precious name we pray. Amen.

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Birthday & Appreciation Celebration

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon   |  Glenda B Howard  |  RALEIGH
I am using this, this weekend. For Pastor's Birthday and Appreciation Celebration. Beautifully expressed.

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