Outreach Events & Vacation Bible School (VBS)


Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fun, engaging way to teach and remind kids of the love God has shown to them through Jesus Christ.  Vacation Bible School often reaches kids who are not active in a church or ministry.  Vacation Bible School is often held during the day, but increasingly VBS is done in the evening to accommodate working families. 

CTA's give-aways and take-homes will help reinforce the Vacation Bible School message that children hear when they are at VBS.   CTA, Inc offers a wide variety of these give-aways that would be perfect for Vacation Bible School.  Everything from flash cards to backpack tags, craft activities (no glue required!) to activity books,  bracelets to flying discs - all wonderful additions to your Vacation Bible School experience.  And don't forget to check out our Dog Tags! These are great to use as rewards for children learning Bible verses, a new prayer, doing something to share Jesus with a friend, serving others, attendance prizes for Vacation Bible School, and more!  Our products are fun and affordable and a great complement to the VBS experience. 

Make your Vacation Bible School memorable with our affordable VBS gifts.