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31 Days of Prayer for Families

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 29, 2024
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By Cherie Werner

From the very beginning of time, God has been creating families. He made Adam and Eve for each other and blessed them with children. God’s love is seen in families of all shapes and sizes. God wants families to be strong in faith and full of love!

Unfortunately, this world and its ways seem to work against families. Relationships are strained, children stray from the faith, and worship becomes less and less of a priority. 

With this in mind, it is essential we become prayer warriors for our families. Since the National Day of Prayer is May 2, why not use the whole month of May to intentionally pray for the families in your ministries, and all families in general. Use the suggestions below as you pray on your own or together with fellow ministry members.

May 1 Pray that God would strengthen the marriages of the people in your church and your community.

May 2 Pray for newly married couples. Ask God to give them strong role models and spiritual mentors.

May 3 Pray that God would help married people stay strong in their commitment to each other and that they would be protected from the temptation to be unfaithful. Pray for couples who are trying to recover and heal from a season of unfaithfulness.

May 4 Pray for God to help husbands and wives have good communication within their marriage. Ask God to help couples learn to pray together and for each other.

May 5 Pray for people who have recently lost a spouse.

May 6 Pray for people who have an unsaved spouse. Ask God to help the believing spouse stay strong in faith. Ask God to open the heart of the unbeliever and bring him or her to faith in Jesus.

May 7 Pray for couples who have new babies or young children. Pray that God would give them wisdom and patience as they learn how to parent together.

May 8 Pray that fathers will be the spiritual leaders in their homes.

May 9 Pray that parents will be faithful in teaching their children about Jesus.

May 10 Pray for couples who are unable to have children.

May 11 Pray for parents who have adopted or who foster children.

May 12 (Mother’s Day) Pray for moms. Ask God to give them strength, peace, and wisdom for the difficult days, the ordinary days, and the joyful days.

May 13 Pray that God would give all parents wisdom to teach and discipline their children.

May 14 Pray for single parents. Ask God to provide what they need in every way.

May 15 Pray for parents whose children have wandered from the faith. Pray that those children will come back and that relationships will be restored.

May 16 Pray for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Pray that God will provide for their needs. Ask God to give them the strength and good health they need to fulfill this unexpected calling.

May 17 Pray for families dealing with poverty, homelessness, or loss of a job.

May 18 Pray for women considering abortion. Ask God to lead each one to choose life for her baby. Pray for those who have had an abortion. Ask God to bring healing and to help them feel his love and forgiveness.

May 19 Pray for families dealing with addiction, abuse, or violence.

May 20 Pray for engaged couples. Ask God to prepare their hearts for their future as two people joined as one in him.

May 21 Pray for couples preparing to get married. Pray that they will be open and honest with each other. Pray that they will honor their vows to each other and offer forgiveness to their spouse daily.

May 22 Pray for couples considering divorce. Ask God to intervene. Ask for healing, forgiveness, restoration, and renewal.

May 23 Pray for parents experiencing an empty nest. Ask God to show them his plan for the next few years.

May 24 Pray for families separated by distance. Pray for families with missing children.

May 25 Pray that God will fill Christian homes with love and joy.

May 26 Pray for families dealing with sickness, injury, mental illness, depression, or suicide.

May 27 (Memorial Day) Pray for military families and those dealing with the death of a parent or child.

May 28 Pray that God will strengthen the connection between parents and children and that families will have strong, healthy relationships.

May 29 Pray that God will heal the hurts that happen in families. Ask God to raise up a new generation of godly men and women.

May 30 Pray for people with elderly or sick parents. Ask God to give them wisdom to know what to do and how best to help.

May 31 Pray for those who are single. Ask God to give them peace and contentment in this season. Pray that God will guide them in this calling.

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