Inspire people to live out their God-given identity and calling

Loved and Sent is a churchwide guided discipleship journey + small-group study based on the book by lead pastor Jeff Cloeter. 

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Identity + Purpose = Confident Gospel Effectiveness

When Pastor Jeff Cloeter planted a church reaching young people in an urban context, they didn't ask the complex theological questions he was trained to answer.

Instead, they asked him two crucial questions every person must answer: 

"Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"

He answers them in Loved and Sent: How Two Words Define Who You Are and Why You Matter. Kairos Consulting Associate Rev. Jana Swenson calls it "the key to a vibrant, growing church."

It's sparking a movement in churches around the U.S. Bring Loved and Sent to your church through this guided discipleship journey from CTA - Christ to All.

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"I encourage every pastor and church leader to use this book."

Jana Swenson, Kairos Consulting Associate

Loved and Sent will allow you to...

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Focus as a Church

CTA's Loved and Sent product line includes the book, sermons, and supplementary discipleship materials for all ages so you can implement it at every level of ministry.

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Take Action as a Church

Loved and Sent features six weeks of church-wide discipleship training leading to a Servant Day Event. Our detailed and easy-to-follow playbook will help make it a success.

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Get Help Along the Way

Those who get a Loved and Sent Digital Kit can interact with Jeff Cloeter and other like-minded pastors in real-time through exclusive access to our online community.


And other testimonials from church leaders about Loved and Sent

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When I was a Bible college student serving as a volunteer, then as associate pastor, then as youth pastor and senior pastor, president of a Christian university, and now a leadership consultant—I have always had a deep sense of being sent and have embraced it fully even in the crucible of active ministry. However, “loved” is different! . . . Jeff Cloeter helps us understand that Loved & Sent are the Lord’s domain and it’s important for us to know, believe, and embrace that we are Loved & Sent.

Sam Chand

Author of Leadership Pain

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I work with an astounding number of shrinking congregations and have listened to hundreds of churchgoers express angst and worry about the future of their beloved church. Ironically, the solution is counterintuitive: instead of focusing on budgets and worship attendance, the key to a vibrant, growing church is to reclaim our identity as people who are Loved and Sent! I encourage every pastor and church leader to use this book, whether for adult education, board meetings, new-member classes, or small groups. It has the potential to bring about the next reformation!

Rev. Jana Swensen

Kairos Consulting Associate

Kairos and Associates (Kairos Christian Resource Development) Minneapolis, MN

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Who are you? What are you made for? They seem like simple questions, but their answers are quickly convoluted and confusing. What a blessing Jeff shares in reminding us that at our core we are "Loved and Sent" by God in Christ Jesus. Jeff argues for the importance of every follower of Jesus to speak his or her faith clearly, concisely, consistently, and in a compelling manner . . . What a great guide to employ as we make disciples of Jesus who make more disciples!

Aaron Putnam

City Director

LINC Bay Area, CA

What is Loved & Sent?

Listen to author Jeff Cloeter as he talks about Loved & Sent!