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A Children's Message for Mother's Day

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 29, 2024
Mother embracing her children in a field

By Cherie Werner

I am so glad you are here today!

Does anyone know what is special about today? (Allow time for children to respond.) That’s right! Today is Mother’s Day. Did you know that one of the big ways God shows his love for you is that he has given you a mom or a grandma or an aunt or even a special friend who loves you and takes care of you? God shows his love for you by putting important people in your life to be with you and to care for you. He also uses those people to teach you about his wonderful love for you.

I have a question for you: how do you know your mom loves you? (Allow time for children to respond.)

I am not sure about everything that goes on at your house, but I am pretty sure that your mom shows her love for you in many ways that you don’t even think about as love. Every day your mom makes sure you have something to eat. She washes your clothes, cleans the house, makes your lunch for school or sends money so you can have a hot lunch. She buys toothpaste so that you can have healthy teeth and she takes you to the doctor when you are sick. She buys new clothes for you when your old clothes wear out or get too small. She does all kinds of things you never see–all because she loves you!

Did you know that she loves you so much she even does things she doesn’t want to do? I am sure she has taken you to a birthday party, or ball practice, or dance class, or to a friend’s house when she would rather stay at home or do something else. Your mom often gives up what she wants just for you! She does it because she loves you!

Of all the things your mom does for you, the biggest and most important thing she does is teaching you about Jesus! She brought you here today because she wants you to know that Jesus loves you, too. He loves you even more than your mom does!

Earlier I said that God uses important people in your life to teach you about his love for you. We talked about the ways your mom shows she loves you. What are some ways that God shows he loves you? (Allow time for children to respond.) Yes, those are all great answers!

We also said that sometimes your mom gives up things because she loves you. What has God given up for you? (Allow time for children to respond.) Yes! God gave up his only Son to die for you and for your mom. God sent Jesus to be your Savior from sin because he loves you so very much!

I hope that you are planning to do something special for your mom today. I hope that you will notice all the little things she does for you every day and that you will remember to say, “Thank you!” I hope that you will show love to your mom by doing what she asks you to do. Most of all, I hope you will thank your mom for teaching you about Jesus and that you will remind her that Jesus loves her, too!

Will you please pray with me? Dear God, thank you so much for my mom! She is a very special gift in my life. Thank you for helping her to take such good care of me. Thank you for loving both of us so much that you sent Jesus to be our Savior. Amen.

PS - Teachers, you can find more ideas on how to talk to children about Mother's day and God's love by searching the internet for "children's message for Mother's day".

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