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Six Ways to Teach Kids to Honor Their Moms

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 29, 2024
Mother and child face to face smiling

By Cherie Werner

You’ve seen it over and over. Someone steps in front of the TV camera and waves, saying, “Hi, Mom!” Why? Moms are special! So special, that congress set aside the second Sunday in May to honor them. 

While moms work continuously to love and serve their families, their efforts are often unacknowledged by those who love them most. Especially their children, who sometimes don’t even realize what a difference their mom is making in their life, until much later. 

Here are a few ways to help children honor their moms.


  1. Practice using good manners. Moms do so many things for their children each day without being asked or thanked. Role-play some of those everyday situations with your students and let them practice saying “please” and “thank you.” Help them understand that their moms do those things out of love for them but still deserve and like to be appreciated.


  1. Teach children how to deal with disappointment and rules. There are going to be times when children won’t get what they want. Explain how to talk in a respectful way when these situations arise. Role-play appropriate and respectful responses for when children don’t get what they want or have to wait for something.



  1. Look for ways to be nice. Children don’t always realize it, but moms have feelings too. Teach children how to make their moms feel good by giving random hugs, encouraging words, homemade gifts and cards, and even fun surprises.


  1. Encourage obedience. Teach children that the best way to show their moms how much they love them is to do what they’re told and, even better, to do more than is expected, to help out without being told, and do it all without complaining. Ask them to think about a chore they could do to surprise their mom that week.


  1. Pray for moms. Children cannot always see past their own needs. Point out common areas of need for moms and practice a prayer they could use each day. Have them write it down and take it home. What a happy surprise it will be for their mom when they hear their child praying for them.


  1. Make something special. A handmade gift from the heart is the very best Mother’s Day gift!

Project #1

                Make a placemat with the word MOM in the middle. Have children surround the word MOM with adjectives that describe their mom or reasons why they love her. Decorate the placemat and then laminate it.

Project #2

                Cut a cardboard egg carton into individual sections. Paint each cup a different color. Poke craft sticks through the bottom of each cup to make flowers. On each craft stick list a chore or service that children can do for their moms. Give her the bouquet and let her choose something each day or week.