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All Aboard for Christmas!

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 12, 2019
All Aboard for Christmas!

By Gail Marsh

All aboard! You won’t need a ticket to ride this train. It’s CTA’s Celebration Station—a delightfully designed, one-hour Christmas event for children! Kids in your program will definitely want to invite their friends to join in learning the real story of Christmas—the story of Jesus’ birth! CTA’s Christmas train is clickety-clacking into the Celebration Station right on time!

From craft projects to sticker booklets to “track tag”—every part of the Celebration Station event features the real reason we celebrate this season—Jesus, the newborn Savior! The best part? The complete Celebration Station planning guide is FREE to download!

How will you use the event? How about this: Give your regular Sunday school teachers a break one Sunday in December. Enlist the help of new volunteers (teens or adults) to guide students ages 3 to 11 through the Celebration Station. Once you’ve experienced the fun for yourself, get ready to move this train down the tracks—out into your community!

  • Plan to host a community-wide Celebration Station event during students’ Christmas break from school. It’s a great way to reach out into your community. And, you can put those super-cute decorations to use a second time!
  • Take your Celebration Station event to a church in another part of your city. Or invite several neighborhood churches to join with you for a blowout celebration!
  • Rent space at a community center or (weather-permitting) set up the Celebration Station event in an inner-city park. Invite underserved kids and their families to your event.
  • Host an evening Celebration Station event for families. Invite families from the neighborhood to enjoy event activities along with their children.
  • If your church offers childcare during your local school’s Christmas break, use parts of the Celebration Station each day throughout the break.

Whoo-whoo! Chug, chug, chug . . . this train’s about to leave the station! Don’t miss out! Jump on board and join in the fun! !

What Christmas outreach events are you planning?

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