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Team Appreciation - Baseball Style - 8 Ideas for Recognizing Team Members

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 03, 2023
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By Gail Marsh

Does your ministry team regularly hit goals out of the ball park? Does your staff eagerly step up to the plate to serve others? Have you been looking for ways to show heartfelt appreciation to your hardworking team? Look no further!

With the month of October comes the World Series of baseball. Try some or all of the following ideas to make each member on your ministry team feel like a MVAP (most valuable and appreciated player):

  • Set the tone for a baseball-themed month. Check out your local party store for team garland, posters, balloons, and more. Use these to decorate staff office spaces. While you’re at the party store, pick up some baseball-themed paper plates, cups, and table decorations.
  • Make plans to watch one of the evening World Series games together as a staff. Or for daytime games, bring a TV or radio into an unused meeting room and tune it to the game. Suggest that staff members take breaks to catch some of the action.
  • Set up a concession stand in the break room. Bring in a variety of individually wrapped chips, candy bars, peanuts, cotton candy, and popcorn—free for the taking all month long!
  • Encourage everyone on staff to wear their favorite baseball team shirt or ball cap one day. Take a group picture of everyone, print an enlargement, and post the resulting picture in your break room. Place a small whiteboard near the picture sporting a caption like: “Go! Team! Go!” or “St. Matthew’s All Stars!” Challenge other staff members to print alternative captions for the picture throughout the remainder of the month.
  • Designate one Friday this month as “Game Day.” Plan to provide a ballpark-style lunch for the staff. Serve hot dogs, nachos, and other ballpark foods.
  • Bring in cupcakes or frosted muffins to thank the staff for all of the ways they contribute to ministry. Decorate cupcakes or muffins to resemble a baseball. Begin by icing each cupcake or muffin with smooth, white icing. Add red piping to form “stitches.” Surprise ministry team members by placing a decorated cupcake or muffin on each desk or workstation one morning.
  • Write personal notes to each member of your ministry team. Use words like “Thanks for keeping me ‘on the ball’, especially when the bases are loaded!” Or, “I am so thankful that you’re always ready to ‘step up to the plate’ and help whenever it’s needed. Thanks!”
  • Throughout the month, surprise a team member with a group thank-you. Gather as many people as possible into the unsuspecting team player’s office. Begin a slow clap that quickly advances into a standing ovation. Or, perform “the wave” or chant a cheer for the person you are honoring.

Unlike baseball, ministry rarely has an off-season. For additional ideas to motivate your team throughout the year, check out free resources from CTA, Inc!

How are you appreciating your team this fall?

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