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10 Summer Fellowship Ideas - Women's Group Ideas

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 08, 2021
Scrumptious food at an outside BBQ

By: CTA—Christ to All

There’s just something about summer that lends itself to casual gatherings and sharing time together. A more relaxed atmosphere can create space for others to be seen and experience a loving community. The organic relationship that occurs at these gatherings builds community, making them an easy place for new people to plug into your women’s ministry program. In addition to fun, food and relationship with each other, don’t forget to point women to Jesus. Offering a prayer and a brief devotion before you begin your event or meal opens the door to faith conversations.

If you need some ideas for something to do with your women this summer, adapt these to best suit your church and community:

  1. Ice Cream Social—Ask women to bring their favorite topping and provide homemade ice cream or your favorite store-bought brand. Another idea is to have a taste-test of favorite store-bought flavors.
  2. Cookout—Many women are happy to open their homes for a meal. Ask women to bring a dish to share, for many hands make the load light.
  3. Outdoor Concert—Check your local newspaper or online events calendar for upcoming events.
  4. Walk—Get outside and hit the trails at a local park or nearby nature center. Your group may want to have a prayer walk that covers the women in the church or others that are in need.
  5. Progressive Dinner—Drive (or walk) to each course (appetizer, salad, entrée, dessert) served at different homes. For extra fun, choose a cuisine from a specific culture or country.
  6. Water Sports—Schedule an afternoon of kayaking, paddleboarding, tubing, or boating on the lake.
  7. Farmers Market or Fruit Picking—Search online for pick-your-own strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or peach farms. Show and tell your purchases before heading home.
  8. Play Tourist—Explore popular tourist spots in your hometown.
  9. Go to a Game—Support your local baseball or sports team.
  10. Plan an Event at a Local Park or Zoo—This option can be both low cost and open to all women, since moms who can’t find childcare can bring their kids.

May God use your summer fellowship events to deepen the relationships between women in your church.