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Women’s Ministry and the Easter-Effect

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 29, 2024
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By Cyndee Ownbey  

Most of the time, our publicity efforts focus on reaching women one by one. We might catch women in the hallway before the church service or text friends to invite them to the next women’s ministry event. 

We often don’t have an opportunity to share with a captive audience.   

Easter is quickly approaching and with it comes larger crowds at your church services. While we may joke about the Christmas and Easter crowd, there is some truth to that phenomenon. Many people that aren’t churchgoers will celebrate Easter by attending a church service.  

While we’d never want to detract from the celebration of Easter, we have an opportunity to share our next women’s ministry event with those in attendance. This is an opportunity for us to encourage those women who aren’t normally at church to join in with the life of the body of Christ and with Christ himself.   

Prepare now to reach guests who will attend your Easter services.  

How can we capture their attention? 

  1. Update your church’s welcome materials. Welcome folders (or bags) are the perfect receptacle for save-the-date cards. Opt for professionally printed postcards instead of trifold brochures, as they tend to make your programs look dated. Add a QR symbol that links to your web page or email list. Don’t forget to include your social media accounts.
  2. Update the women’s ministry page on your website. First-time visitors are likely to check out your church website before attending the service in person. You want certainty that your information is up to date. A list of upcoming women’s ministry events and photos from past events prove that your ministry is thriving. Consider highlighting your upcoming events on the home page or on the main page slider. 
  3. Place publicity materials for upcoming events in strategic locations. Place them at the welcome desk or in the women’s bathrooms. If you have an upcoming Mother’s Day event, now is the time to get the word out!
  4. Work with the church office or communications team to feature your women’s ministry in the church bulletin and pre-service slides. 
  5. Set up a registration table in the lobby. If registration is required for your next major event, set up a display in the lobby to catch women’s eyes as they pass through. Want to encourage women to stop by? Put out a bowl of chocolate Easter candies.  

Embrace this opportunity to showcase your women’s ministry to the unengaged women of your church and community. Double-check dates and spellings. Tap into those who are skilled in graphic design. You’ll want your display and handout materials to appear professional and polished. If your ministry struggles to attract younger women, design your materials to appeal to them.  

Easter will be here before we know it! Set aside time now to formulate a publicity plan with your women’s ministry team so you’re not left scrambling the week before Easter.  

Cyndee Ownbey is an author, speaker, and founder of Women's Ministry Toolbox—a resource ministry that equips women's ministry leaders in practical ways.