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Passion Story Told with Jelly Beans

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 06, 2022
Passion Story Told with Jelly Beans

By Bethany Pitman  

One way to help children remember the story of Holy Week is to link the details with a familiar Easter season treat.  

Green—On Palm Sunday, the people crowded the streets to worship Jesus and waved green palms as a way to honor him.  
Yellow—Yellow is often viewed as a color for friendship, but it also can represent betrayal. While Judas was a dear friend who followed Jesus, he also betrayed him.  
Orange—Peter, one of Jesus’ best friends, denied him three times as he warmed himself around the orange flames of a fire.  
Purple—After Jesus was arrested, the soldiers put a purple robe on him and mocked him for calling himself a king.  
Red—Jesus shed his blood and died on the cross. 
Pink—In the first hues of the sunrise three days after his death, Jesus rose from the dead having conquered death and the devil.  
Blue—Just like the blue of a bright sky, our faith in Jesus makes us righteous in the Father’s eyes. 

Editor’s note: CTA continues to offer the Jelly Bean Prayer Scripture Candy. The exercise included here can enhance your use of this fun product for kids, walking children through some of the key events or concepts of Holy Week.