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Two Holidays, One Celebration

CTA - Christ to All /May. 06, 2024
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Mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, coaches, mentors. This may seem like a very diverse group of people, but actually, they all have one thing in common: they’re family.

All of us belong to the family of God and, more specifically, the individuals in your ministry belong to your church family. In many ways, all of us serve as mothers and fathers, whether we have children of our own or not. We all mentor, teach, and care for the children. We all serve an important role in fostering the faith of the next generation.

Celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day this year - as a family! Hosting a family celebration is the perfect way to recognize and honor the dedication that each individual shows to the children at your church. You’ll prepare the fellowship hall once, order gifts once, organize food once, clean up once - you get the idea. It’s a quick, budget-friendly way to show just how much all the mothers and fathers mean to your church.

To get started, think of a theme for your event. It can be as simple as “Celebrate Family,” “Family Day,” or “We’re All Mothers and Fathers.” You’ll also want to consider logistics - which time and location works best for your church? If you choose to have a lunch or dinner celebration, let the men’s ministry take care of the main dishes, assign side dishes to the women’s ministry, and order a cake for dessert. If you’re planning an afternoon celebration, consider setting up an ice cream sundae bar or a pie social.

Here are a few more ideas that will make your family celebration a hit!

  • Quiz attendees on the history behind the holidays. Then, read them the real stories of the History of Father’s Day and the History of Mother’s Day.
  • Set up fun prize categories like oldest father, youngest mother, family with the most kids, aunt with the most nephews, woman with the biggest purse, or man with the most pictures in his wallet. Give each of the winners a coffee mug, gift set, or gift card to a local restaurant.
  • Before the event, recruit a few volunteers who are willing to lead craft time for the children. In your Sunday school area, organize supplies to make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards and other gifts. While the volunteers take the children, engage the adults with a special message about parenting and family. Check out CTA’s FREE Ministry Messages or ask your pastor to create a brief study about God’s blessings for families.
  • When the children return, instruct them to give their gifts to the parents and adults. As they do, you can also hand out a small gift to each person. CTA offers a wide variety of Christian gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

God has called together your church family - moms, dads, and everyone else - to support the littlest believers. Let his love inspire your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, and your family ministry throughout the year.

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