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30 Days of Thanksgiving

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 14, 2019
30 Days of Thanksgiving

By Cherie Werner

Are you looking for a way to help your worshipers become more mindful of God’s great blessings? Use this prayer calendar: 30 Days of Thanksgiving!

Print the calendar and hand it out before worship, post a prayer each day on social media, or send out the calendar in an email blast. Start now and your worshipers will be prepared to thank God for his blessings every day in November!

November 1 Thank God for his Word.

November 2 Thank God that nothing can or ever will separate you from his love. (Romans 8:38–39)

November 3 Thank Jesus for taking your place on the cross so that you can be declared righteous in God’s sight. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

November 4 Thank God for his guidance and counsel. (Psalm 32:8)

November 5 Thank God for the strength that he gives you each day. (Isaiah 40:31, Philippians 4:13)

November 6 Thank God for the good work he is doing in you. (Philippians 1:6)

November 7 Thank God for the gifts and talents he has given you.

November 8 Thank God that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1)

November 9 Thank God for allowing you to come to him in your time of need. (Hebrews 4:14–16)

November 10 Thank God for music.

November 11 Thank God for being with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

November 12 Thank God for the gift of wisdom. (James 1:5)

November 13 Thank Jesus for becoming a man so that you can know that he understands you, your joy and your suffering. (Hebrews 4:14–16)

November 14 Thank God for all the ways he is working in your life that you cannot yet see.

November 15 Thank God for the mentors he has put into your life.

November 16 Thank God for his gift of salvation through Jesus. (John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8–10)

November 17 Thank God that his mercies are new every morning. (Lamentations 3:23)

November 18 Thank God for his gift of peace. (Philippians 4:7, John 14:27)

November 19 Thank God for being with you and protecting you in the middle of hard times. (Isaiah 43:2)

November 20 Thank God for laughter.

November 21 Thank God that nothing is impossible for him. (Matthew 19:26)

November 22 Thank God for the angels that he sends to guard and protect you. (Psalm 91:9–12)

November 23 Thank God for all of the beauty he has created around you and in you.

November 24 Thank the Holy Spirit for interceding for you. (Romans 8:26)

November 25 Thank God for hope. (Proverbs 23:18)

November 26 Thank Jesus for never changing. (Hebrews 13:8)

November 27 Thank God for hearing and answering your prayers according to his will. (1 John 5:14–15, Isaiah 65:24)

November 28 Thank God for meeting all your needs. (Philippians 4:19)

November 29 Thank God for the blood of Jesus that has washed away your sins. (1 John 1:7)

November 30 Thank God for the inheritance that is waiting for all who believe in Jesus. (1 Peter 1:3–5)

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