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Toss It! Flying Disc Game

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 21, 2020
Toss It! Flying Disc Game

By Gail Marsh


What You’ll Need

Jesus Brings S’more Joy Flying Plastic Disc (Item #SMJ19FD)

Hula-Hoop ring


What You’ll Do

This game can be played inside or outside. Designate a start line by using an existing mark on the floor, placing tape on the floor, or putting a stick on the ground. Then place a Hula-Hoop ring “target” some distance away. Let children, in turn, stand behind the start line and attempt to toss the disc into the ring target.

After everyone has had a try, talk about the activity. We don’t always hit the mark, do we? And it’s not just when we’re playing disc toss. Even though we try really, really hard, we don’t always live the way Jesus wants us to live. We sometimes do the wrong thing—we sin. Other times, we should help others but we don’t. We fail to do what God says is best—that’s sin, too. The good news—the best news of all—is that Jesus did everything perfectly. For me! For you! For all of us! Jesus loved each one of us so much that he took our sins—all of the wrong things we do, all of the times we mess up—Jesus took all of that sin to the cross. There, he died for our sins. Now we can be full of joy because we are forgiven! What’s more, Jesus didn’t stay dead. He came alive again! Jesus brings us s’more and s’more joy each day as he helps us live for him!

Try the game again. This time allow children to move closer to the target in order to be successful.

Editor’s note: Today’s game is from CTA’s Children’s Event Outline for the Jesus Brings S’more Joy line.

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