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A Few Laughs for Father's Day

CTA - Christ to All /May. 06, 2024
Man & son horsing around in fun

By Tim Wesemann

While we pray June holds many blessings for you, we also hope you will take time to celebrate the gift of dads and the blessings that come with Father’s Day. As you celebrate the men in your life and your church, enjoy these smiles!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads (and granddads, uncles, brothers, stepdads, great-granddads, great-uncles, mentors, Christian role models, and, well, everyone)!

Yep, That’s My Dad

I live several hours from my parents. Since I wouldn’t make it home for Father’s Day, I mailed Dad his gift—a money belt. A few days later I got a thank-you note that read, “Thank you for the money belt, son. What a waist of money! Love, Dad.”

The next year, I got my dad a universal remote for Father’s Day. He turned to me and said, “Son, this changes everything!” 

My dad loves giving me nuggets of wisdom from his life experience. Last week, he wisely told me to avoid pawn shops so I don’t get rooked.

I called my dad to wish him well on Father’s Day. My mom answered. I heard her muffled voice telling my dad I wanted to talk to him. My mother got back on the phone and said, “Your dad wants me to tell you that he can’t talk right now. He’s reading a book about the history of glue and he just can’t seem to put it down.” Yep, that’s my dad.

Milking Father’s Day for All It’s Worth

Eight-year-old Megan’s excitement about the Father’s Day gift she made for her dad was more than obvious. Over the past week, her mom helped her with the project and Megan was more than confident her dad would love it. After all, it was his favorite thing! He had told her that last week when they had breakfast together.

Because of the shape, and since it was liquid, she decided not to wrap it. Instead, she put a bow on top of the plastic milk jug that contained his present. She removed the label and wrote “Happy Father’s Day! Love, Megan” on the jug. As the family gathered around the table on Father’s Day morning, Megan quickly set her gift in front of her dad. She excitedly called out, “Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Mommy and I made this for you. I know you’ll love it!”

Megan’s dad had a surprised and confused look on his face as he unscrewed the lid and looked into the jug. It looked like some kind of a milk concoction, but he wasn’t sure. That is, until Megan explained:

“Remember when I finished my cereal last week and I was going to pour out the extra milk left in the bottom of the bowl? You told me you couldn’t believe I was throwing it away because that was your favorite part. Well, all week mommy and I have been saving our cereal milk and pouring it in this milk jug for you! And when I spent Friday night at Jill’s house next door, I had her family pour their cereal milk in it, too, so the jug would be full! Go ahead, Daddy! Drink it! It’s your favorite! And I know it will be your favorite Father’s Day present ever!”

With that, Dad did what every dad would do. He lifted the jug to his mouth and took a good long drink. Ah, the joys of fatherhood!

Reading between the Lines

Seven-year-old Macy couldn’t wait to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park. Her dad was concerned that it might be too scary for her, but she insisted. In fact, she ended up riding it three times that day.

The following year they returned to the park and, of course, Macy headed right for that same roller coaster. Macy and her dad took their place in the long line. Soon Macy seemed a bit apprehensive. As they moved slowly through the winding line, she soberly studied a number of signs warning riders about the high speed of the roller coaster. As they moved closer Macy said, “Dad, I don’t think I want to go.” Her dad was surprised and wondered why, since she enjoyed it so much last time. She looked at one of the signs and then back at her dad and said, “This year, I can read.”  

Happy Father's Day!