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The Loved & Sent Impact

CTA - Christ to All /Oct. 05, 2023
The Loved & Sent Impact

By Lauren Kreienkamp

Loved + Sent. Two words have helped me define my faith in Jesus Christ. I am loved by God, in Christ, and Sent to share his love with the world. In order to be Sent, we must first feel Jesus’ insurmountable Love.

If you open a random drawer, book, or closet at my house, a Loved + Sent bookmark might fall out. It may be blank. It could have a name or two listed. It may be full, with names written in the margins. Regardless of the content, the bookmarks pinpoint a specific time in my life. Some blank bookmarks emphasize moments when I needed to be reminded of God’s presence, pardon, and power. Other blank bookmarks are names I didn’t feel comfortable writing down - what if someone saw, or recognized the initials, what then? Regardless of the content, or lack thereof, the bookmark has helped shape my faith and prayer life.

The bookmark is a simple tool. A reminder to pray. A reminder of God’s grace. A reminder of God’s timeline coinciding with my own. The bookmark provides a clear, concise, consistent, and compelling way to share my faith and reminds me of God’s love.