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Add a Pop to Your Ministry this 4th of July

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 11, 2019
Add a Pop to Your Ministry this 4th of July

By Cherie Werner

Bang! Bang! Boom! Can’t you just hear it? It is almost time for fireworks again! The 4th of July is a perfect time to add some “pop” to your ministry and “light up” the lives of those who may not know the freedom they can have in Jesus.

Here are some ways you can serve your community this Independence Day:

  • Host a free car wash.
  • Help to make the day more festive at a nursing home by planning a picnic for July 4.
  • Help with any prep work for the big fireworks display or town festival.
  • Offer free childcare for children too young or too afraid to go see the fireworks.
  • Offer a safe and quiet place for pets that might be traumatized by all the noise.
  • Offer to give rides to those who might not be able to get to the fireworks on their own.
  • Decorate a float for the town parade. Hand out flyers and small gifts with information about your ministry.
  • Make freedom posters. Have your Sunday school children, VBS participants, or youth group make posters with Bible verses about our freedom in Christ. Hang them up around town a week or so before July 4. Invite people to come to your church to learn more.
  • Clean up event areas on July 5.

Try these ideas for inviting new people to your ministry: 

  • Have a prayer service. Pray for your city and local leaders. Prior to your event ask your mayor, city council, governor, representatives, and senators for prayer requests. Invite them to come the night of the service and pray for them there. After the event, send cards to those who couldn’t make it. Tell them how you prayed for them.
  • Invite friends. Decorate your church campus with lights, streamers, and flags. Put up yard signs that say things like: “Looking for true freedom?” or “Need some joy?” or “Want to be free from fear?” Invite friends, family, and community members to a special service or event that will point them to their Savior.
  • Host a patriotic-themed meal at the local homeless shelter or food pantry. Make attendees feel loved and important. Share Jesus’ love with them and invite them to visit your church.

Or, plan these family celebrations for July 4:

  • Host a lunchtime picnic.
  • Present a concert with patriotic and Christian songs.
  • Plan a pie and ice cream social.
  • Hand out root beer floats.
  • Create carnival games for kids to play.
  • Provide materials for children to decorate their bikes and have a small parade.

Tell us about the special events or outreach efforts your church plans for July 4!

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