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God Takes Care of Us--A Fun Activity

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 11, 2020
God Takes Care of Us--A Fun Activity

By Gail Marsh


What You’ll Need

Pine cone, one for each child

Gallon-size zip-top bag, one for each child

Paper plates, one for each child

Suet bird food

Plastic knives


Twine or thin wire

Wax paper

Hand-cleaning wet wipes

What You’ll Do

Start by tying a loop of twine or thin wire to the top of each child’s pine cone so that the bird feeder can be hung in a tree. Show the families how to use the knife to spread suet all over the pine cone. (Help little crafters, as needed.) Then, instruct them to pour the birdseed onto a paper plate and roll the pine cone in the birdseed. Wrap each bird feeder in wax paper and place it inside a plastic bag labeled with its owner’s name.

As students work to make their bird feeder, talk about Matthew 6:26. Birds have what they need because Jesus provides it. That’s pretty amazing, considering how many, many birds live in our world. But this verse goes on to say that we—Jesus’ children—are much more valuable to him than the birds! We can be sure that Jesus will always love us, forgive us, and bring us s’more and s’more joy!

Editor’s note: Today’s activity and Bible thought is slightly adapted from CTA’s Children’s Event Outline for the Jesus Brings S’more Joy line.

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