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An Experiment: Will the Eggs Crack?!

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 30, 2021
An Experiment: Will the Eggs Crack?!

By Julia Schumacher-Martin 

What You’ll Need

3 Uncooked eggs

6 Plastic bottle caps from 2-liter bottles

A variety of “heavy” objects: 2 or 3 notebooks, a textbook, a box of markers, etc.

An even surface 


What You’ll Do

Place each egg in an upturned bottle cap. Add another cap like a flat “lid” to each egg. Arrange them in a triangle formation on an even surface. Then place a notebook on top of them. Then another notebook. Then a textbook. Then a box of markers. See how much strength is in those seemingly breakable eggs! 

Engage the children in a discussion about our amazing God. How much more powerful is our God than those eggs he created? Close with Psalm 28:7 (ESV): “The LORD is my strength and my shield.”


Editor’s note: Today’s activity is slightly adapted from the activity journal Power Up with Jesus: Pray, Play, and Explore the Big Questions in Life.