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5 Games for Rally Day

CTA - Christ to All /Jun. 24, 2024
The word WELCOME written in sidewalk chalk on a sidewalk.

5 Games for Rally Day

By admin

No Rally Day celebration is complete without games! Check out these ideas and be sure to tell us about your favorite Rally Day activities in the comments section below. And, be sure to check out CTA’s FREE back-to-school event outline to get more tips and tricks for planning your celebration.

Follow Directions
You’ll need paper and pencils. You’ll also need simple sketches of school-related items, like a glue stick, scissors, pencil, spiral notebook, and school bus. You can find them online and print them on separate pieces of paper.

One family member will serve as the artist. Another family member will give directions to the artist. The trick here is that the artist and direction-giver sit back-to-back. The artist will not see the sketch of what he or she is supposed to be drawing. The direction-giver won’t see what the artist is drawing, either. The direction-giver may not identify the object to be drawn. Instead, he or she just gives drawing directions. For example, directions to draw a pencil might begin like this: “Make two parallel lines. Connect the lines at one end.” When the pair is finished, compare the completed drawing with the actual sketch for some laughter and fun!

Pack the Lunch Box
For this game, you’ll need several lunch boxes and a supply of beanbags. Designate a “start line” where participants will stand. On your signal, family members will toss beanbags into the open lunch boxes that are placed a distance away. (You can shorten the distance for younger players.) Award a prize to the person who gets the most “lunch” into the lunch box.

Load the Backpack
At random, place two of each of the school-supply items on long tables. Tell participants to stand all along the table - one team on each side. At the signal to start, the person at the beginning of the table will take a backpack and quickly put one school item inside it. Then, that player will pass the backpack to the next player, who will place a different school item into the backpack. The players must pack one of each item and they must not duplicate items. Play continues until the backpack arrives at the end of the table - totally packed and ready to give to a child in need. The team who fills a backpack the fastest wins a prize!

ABC Game
You’ll need topic cards for this game. Simply print category names on separate index cards. Suggested categories include animals, places to go for summer vacation, something in a lunch box, what teachers do, and things you’ll see at school. Have players sit in a circle or around a table. The youngest player draws a topic card. The first player names something within the topic that begins with the letter A; the next player names something within the topic beginning with B; and so on. (For example, if the topic is boy names, the first person might say Adam. The next player will provide a boy name beginning with B, like Bret.)

Flying Disc Toss
You’ll need an open area outside along with one or more CTA’s flying discs. Designate a starting point, and then take turns to see who can toss the flying disc the farthest distance. Award prizes for “greatest distance,” “most creative toss,” “least distance,” and more. This will keep everybody interested and make it fun for younger family members.

Test Your Memory

Place several school-supply items on a large cookie tray. Let participants look at the items on the tray for 15 seconds to commit them to memory. Then, have participants close their eyes while you secretly remove one item from the tray. Show the tray to the players again. Who can tell what item was removed? Award that person a prize and play again!

 Let the games begin!