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Energizing the Preteens in the Church

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Talk about ways to spark interest and enthusiasm in your preteens (grades 4-6).

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Introduction: Between children’s ministry and high school youth groups, you have preteens. How can you engage and minister to this often-neglected group of kids?  


  • Most people define preteens as kids in 4th, 5th, and 6th
  • We need to weave preteens into the fabric of the church so that they know they belong and they are excited to remain in the church as they grow up.
  • Service projects are a great way to get preteens involved in ministry on their own level.
    • One idea: Skip church one Sunday. During that time, go and serve the community instead. Find service activities that preteens can do—washing cars, planting plants, writing encouraging letters, and so on.
  • Camp is another great way to reach preteens on their level.
  • Engage preteens in your actual church services. Ask preteens to lead younger children, take charge of technology used in church services, or welcome kids at your check-in area.
  • The overall goal is this: to help preteens develop personal, authentic faith by encountering the Gospel in their daily lives.
  • Start by getting to know your preteens and recognizing their strengths.
  • Look for ways to intentionally invest in preteens. It takes time, but it’s worth it!

Thought Starters:

  • How many preteens worship at your church? What group do they fall into as part of your overall youth ministry program?
  • Where could preteens help out in your church?


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