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Support, encourage, and appreciate volunteers as they step out into new roles. Specific ideas and examples for empowering your volunteers to lead.

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Introduction: Do you find that your volunteer pool has sprung a leak? Are people leaving their positions almost as fast as you can recruit new people? Consider this advice: “The same amount of effort that goes into finding the right volunteers should also go into keeping the right volunteers!” Spending time to find volunteers and then thinking of yourself as “done” once you find them leads to high turnover of volunteers. Listen for tips on keeping them!

Summary: When we pay attention to the volunteers in our care, they will thrive, and we will find ourselves in the midst of a healthy ministry program.

  • Find the right fit: put people in the role they have the skills to do and are passionate about; make it manageable for their life situation and demands on their time.
  • Empower volunteers to lead: give them enough room that they can lead on their own with only oversight and guidance from you; let them own the area but actively support them through it.
  • Recognize their work: letter of appreciation, yearly appreciation dinner.

The key is an attitude of commitment toward your volunteers and an intentionality for taking care of them.

Thought Starters:

  • In what small way could I reach out to our volunteers this week and show them appreciation?
  • Do I have volunteers who are ready for greater ownership of their area? How could I go about making that happen?
  • Have I scheduled a team-building or recognition event for our volunteers?



  • CTA staff retreats are available as a downloadable resource; use them for building camaraderie and uniting the team around your purpose and vision
  • Visit CTAinc.com for gifts of encouragement and appreciation


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