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Worship and Bow Down—Slowing Down During the Christmas Season

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 02, 2021
Worship and Bow Down—Slowing Down During the Christmas Season

By Cyndee Ownbey

Some say fall is the busiest ministry season between kicking off new ministry initiatives and preparing for events and activities in December. It can be easy for us to push forward with plans to rest and refuel come January. However, that head-down, push-forward mindset can mean missing what God is doing in the moment.

Recently in my quiet time, God drew my attention to Psalm 95:6 (KJV), “O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.” As we take care of the background tasks of the numerous November and December events, we may not take the time to engage with God during each event.

I’ve learned over the years that neglecting my daily quiet times is a mistake, especially during the busiest seasons. I need that time in the Word to anchor my soul and keep my focus on God rather than my to-do list. But what if I took that practice a step further by physically and spiritually spending time kneeling before the Lord, before racing from one ministry task to the next? How would this impact my heart and life?

My body moves a lot when I worship. Sometimes I clap my hands, move with the beat, sway, or even raise my hands (just a little—it still doesn’t come naturally to me). Even my fitness tracker thinks I’ve taken steps! Bowing and kneeling forces my body to be still. I assume one position and hold it. As my body becomes focused, so do my mind and heart.

Years ago, I participated in a Bible study where the author challenged us to lie facedown on the floor for a time of prayer every day before we began our homework lesson. What seemed easy was not. Initially, I was annoyed. The carpet fibers tickled my nose. I was physically uncomfortable. It wasn’t easy to get back up. But as I stuck with it, that time spent humbly prostrate on the floor before the Lord turned into something so sweet. The humbling posture didn’t just affect my limbs; it affected my heart.

I’ve pondered what November and December would look like this year if my hands were flat on the floor as I bowed and kneeled before the Lord, instead of swaying in the air. Is there a way I can make time to do both—worship and bow down?

Psalm 95 continues in verse 8 to caution us to not harden our hearts. When we do not worship and bow down, our hearts tend to harden. Something in our spirit shifts when we physically change positions from standing to kneeling.

Whether you physically take the time to kneel and bow before the Lord in this Christmas season or not, I pray that you’ll take time for your heart and soul to worship, bow, and kneel before the Lord.

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