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End-of-the-Year Outreach with Winter VBS!

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 10, 2018
End-of-the-Year Outreach with Winter VBS!

By Gail Marsh

If you listen carefully on December 26 you’ll hear the collective sighs of relief from church workers around the world. Maybe this year’s children’s Christmas service and the choir cantata were both a big success at your church. Maybe your teen youth group packaged meals for the homebound and delivered them just in time for Christmas. All of your many worship services are definitely over. It’s time to relax, right?

After all of the planning and practicing and productions for Christmas, the very last thing you want to do is organize a post-Christmas event for students.

Good news! You don’t have to! CTA has it all wrapped up - a final Christmas gift for you to open. And it’s just what you’ve always wanted - a complete program that includes games, Bible story presentations, and activities that are sure to please students ages three to eight years old. Think of it as a December vacation Bible school. The week between Christmas and the New Year is the perfect time to reach out to your neighborhood and beyond with the good news of Jesus!

Check out all of CTA’s ready-to-download event outlines. Choose from the many Christmas themes available and take a look at the resources that accompany the themes, too. Craft kits will help children remember the Christ-centered theme long after your event is over. Books about Christmas and other take-home items can reinforce the true meaning of Christmas for attendees and caregivers at home. Take a look today!

What event(s) is your church planning for this winter?

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