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Two Easter Games for Kids

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 09, 2022
Two Easter Games for Kids

By CTA – Christ to All  

Egg-citing Relay Race 

Overview: Form teams (same number of players on each team). Have the players on each team stand in single file behind a line marked on the floor. Mark off another line on the ground approximately 10 yards in front of each team. The first participant in line for each team receives a plastic spoon and a plastic egg. The child should place the egg in the spoon and carry it across the goal line and back to the next team member. If the egg drops, the racer must return to the starting line and try again. Racers may not use their free hand to keep the egg on the spoon. The game continues until all team members have completed the relay.   

To add a dimension for older children, set up obstacles along the path.   

Easter tie-in: Eggs remind us of new life. The shell from which a living chick can emerge is kind of like the tomb in which Jesus was buried and from which he rose. Jesus lives! He lives for each of us! Leaders might also share the story of two disciples who raced to the tomb when they heard Jesus’ body was gone (John 20:1–9). You might also stress the importance of handing off the Good News of Jesus’ death and new life (telling others).  

Egg Roll Race 

Overview: Use a setup similar to the game above, but have half the players on each team stand behind one line and the other half stand behind the line opposite. (For this game, position the lines about 5 yards apart.) Participants crawl on their hands and knees, pushing a plastic egg with their noses until they cross the opposite line. When everyone on all teams has participated, the game is over.   

Easter tie-in: See the ideas for the relay race above.   

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