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The Ten Commandments

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 11, 2021
The Ten Commandments

By CTA – Christ to All

Do you teach the Ten Commandments to the children in your ministry? If so, you know it’s more than just memory work! They might be able to recite the Ten Commandments, but knowing them and doing them aren’t the same thing. 

We may say, “I messed up.” But the Bible says, “You’ve sinned!” 

What then? Here’s God’s promise: 

If we claim we have no sin,

we are only fooling ourselves . . . 

But if we confess our sins to [Jesus],

he is faithful and just to forgive us

our sins and to cleanse us

from all wickedness. (1 John 1:8–9 NLT) 


The Ten Commandments are a moral compass. They provide guidance for a successful life and for healthy, growing relationships. Knowing God’s Law is important. 

The trouble is, the more we realize what God expects, the more we realize how often we fail to obey. This drives us to the cross of our Savior where God’s forgiveness freely flows. 

  • Talk often with the children about how thankful you are that Jesus died for us. Share your own joy in knowing that our Savior forgives every sin.
  • If you must discipline a child, point to God’s Law. Lead the child to say, “I’m sorry” to God and to the people hurt by the sin. Then speak these wonderful words of peace: “I forgive you, and so does Jesus!” 


Editor’s note: Today’s text is slightly adapted from the Ministry Message for the “I Know the Ten Commandments” dog tag. For dog tag options, along with ways to use these dog tags in your ministry, visit