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The Same - Jesus is the Same Always

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 27, 2022
Two girls walking home from school with backpacks

By Alison Zeller 

Yearbooks are fun! Schools usually hand out yearbooks at the end the school year. The yearbook contains pictures and information about everything that happened during the school year. 

Some students like to write notes in their friends’ yearbooks, notes like these: 

“Never change. I like you just the way you are.” 

“Always stay the same—my best friend.” 

The problem with notes like these is that almost everything changes. People change, too. Just imagine last year’s yearbook pictures. You probably look a little different than you did a year ago. You may have changed your hairstyle. You might have grown a few inches taller. Maybe you picked up a new hobby, one you really love! 

People change. And that can be good or bad for friendships. If your best buddy has given up baseball to play soccer, you won’t see him at practice anymore. That might change your friendship. As you and your friends grow up, you may discover new interests. You may join new clubs or sign up for new activities. You may even move to a new school. All these things could affect your friendships. 

But there is one Friend who will not change. Ever! It’s Jesus! And because he will not change, he will always love you, always forgive you, and always care for you. Your friendship with Jesus will last into eternity, where he will welcome you into your forever home with him—heaven! 

Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from Walking with Jesus: Devos, Designs, and Discoveries for Kids Prayer Journal. This full-color journal is 32 pages of fun and interactive activities for ages 7­–11.

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