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Thank You, Teachers!

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 10, 2018
Thank You, Teachers!

By Admin

This month, you’ll find a brand-new FREE download in CTA’s Resource & Idea Center - twelve month’s worth of appreciation ideas from the Teachers Touch Eternity®theme!And, it’s just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7–11).

Consider this: You already pray for your teachers. So, find ways to let them know this, and keep on finding additional ways to refresh and reenergize their hearts. Use the Teachers Touch Eternity® focus to underscore the importance of the work each member of your staff does.

Here are the FREE appreciation ideas for next month. To download ideas for the entire year, click here.

The first week in May is traditionally Teacher Appreciation Week. The message you want to share with your staff is simple: “We love and appreciate you!” Here are ways to communicate that:

  1. Order 5 Star candy bars online. Put one on each staff member’s desk with a note that reads: “To a Five-Star Christian Educator! You’re the Best!” Or, “Five Stars are the best we can do here on earth. Remember, though, that a crown of joy is waiting for you in heaven!”
  2. As you begin this month’s staff meeting, ask each person to share something about his or her own favorite teacher. Ask, “What made that person so special? What did you learn from that person that you try to imitate?” Listen carefully for ways to affirm the qualities the speaker mentions.
  3. Have a light thank-you luncheon (or breakfast) catered for your staff. Find an appropriate way to have classes “covered” while the staff eats. Ask the pastor or the school board chair to offer a five-minute message of appreciation.

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