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Should Your Women’s Ministry Take a Summer Sabbatical?

CTA - Christ to All /Apr. 06, 2021
Should Your Women’s Ministry Take a Summer Sabbatical?

By Cyndee Ownbey

After hustling to pivot to online and then working hard to offer events and activities in a hybrid format (online and in person) this last year, it may be very tempting to take a break and not schedule any women’s ministry events for the summer.

Giving your team the months of June, July, and August to rest and reset may seem good and right, but if we pressed pause, what would be the impact on our women and women’s ministry program? I believe this summer, especially, it’s critical that we offer opportunities for our women to gather.

Six Reasons to Offer Women’s Ministry Events and Activities This Summer

  1. After months of little or no in-person fellowship, many women are ready to gather in person. We have the opportunity to tap into that desire to meet together by offering Christ-focused events for the women in our church and community. Women are looking forward to connecting with one another—keep things simple and fellowship focused. Save the ideas that require a lot of prep work for the fall.
  2. Summer is the perfect time to test out a new women’s ministry event or idea. Are you thinking of changing your schedule or type of Bible study offerings? Use the summer to try it out, and then you’ll be ready with tweaks and improvements come fall. Have a team member that wants to launch a monthly Bible journaling group? Have her test the waters over the summer. Need ideas for something different to offer this summer? Check out my list of 30 Summer Fellowship Ideas here.
  3. For many, summer schedules are more flexible. The absence of rigid school schedules, fewer summer sports, and negotiable bedtimes for little ones often means women are more available to attend women’s ministry events.
  4. Food and décor for summer women’s ministry events are easy! Host an ice-cream social, set up a smoothie bar, or ask every woman to bring a summer salad. Cut flowers from your yard or blow up some beach balls. Women will appreciate the simplicity and fun.
  5. The church calendar is less crowded. This is one of the best-kept secrets about summer events! Other than vacation Bible school and a mission trip or two, there are usually few church events to plan around. Check your church calendar—you’ll find it’s surprisingly bare!
  6. New women are longing to get plugged in. Please don’t make them wait until fall. Church rolls have changed dramatically in the last year. There’s a good chance you haven’t met all of the new women attending your church. Bring them into the fold as soon as you can, and they’ll be more likely to come to events and activities in the fall.

Worried attendance will be lacking? I always assumed attendance at summer events would be small, but God’s shown me I was wrong time and time again. When I served in a small church of about 150, we had our biggest Bible study turnout during the summer months.

Women always need Jesus, and if they are hungry, they will come!

I am praying the Lord will show you what’s best for your women and your ministry this summer.

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