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Stop and Celebrate

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 02, 2021
Stop and Celebrate

By CTA – Christ to All 

Cupcakes? A mariachi band? Fireworks? What’s your idea of a celebration? 

When Nehemiah declared a holiday—a holy day—in Nehemiah 8:10, he told those he led to “eat the fat and drink sweet wine.” It was a party! The people had heard the Word of God. The Lord had given them repentant hearts. Their past sins were gone. They were his very own sons and daughters. There was much to celebrate! 

As God’s servant, you take your work seriously—and rightly so! The Lord has entrusted you with high privileges. You carry significant responsibilities. You are spreading the Gospel, making a difference in a hurting world that doesn’t know its Savior. 

Still, you are no different from Nehemiah and the people he served, no different from the people you serve, in that “the joy of the LORD is your strength,” too! 

When was the last time you carved out an opportunity for celebration with your family, friends, or staff? Often the holy-day celebrations of God’s servants—especially church staff and volunteers—involve job responsibilities. Maybe, like Nehemiah, you could declare a celebration “just because.” 

Are you feeling spent, worn out? The joy of the Lord is your strength! Go your way. Make some cupcakes. Find some mariachi music online. Take a few minutes, a few hours, or even a day or two to celebrate your Savior’s goodness in your life. Then, go on to serve some more, in the power of the Spirit and the joy of your Savior! 

Consider these: 

  • Think of three people you serve alongside who renew your joy in the Lord. How could you thank them?
  • How does your joy in service give you energy for service?
  • Why is it impossible to make a difference or inspire others without joy in the Lord?


Editor’s note: Today’s devotion is slightly adapted from Making a Difference . . . Inspiring Lives, CTA’s interactive journal for volunteers. Find it and other accompanying products in the Making a Difference . . . Inspiring Lives line of products at