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S'more Jokes and Fun!

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 09, 2019
S'more Jokes and Fun!

Nothing says fall more than a campout and s’mores served over a campfire!

If you’re looking to host a fall outreach event there’s still time! Download CTA’s FREE Jesus Brings S’more Joy event outline to get all of the planning details you need to host an event that’s s’more fun than any event you’ve hosted before! You’ll get ideas for planning a campfire (there are indoor options, too), games, snacks, and Bible time. It’s a great way to introduce new families to your church this fall!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll get in the FREE event outline:

Welcome families with a few camp-themed riddles like these:

  • What does a bear call a camper inside a sleeping bag? (A burrito.)
  • What’s the best way to start a fire with two sticks? (Make sure one is a match.)
  • What do you get when you cross a brook and a stream? (Wet feet.)
  • Where can you find the best information about the forest? (At a branch of the library.)
  • Why don’t elephants bring backpacks to camp? (They keep everything in their trunks.)
  • When can a frog jump higher than a tent? (Always! A tent can’t jump.)
  • If you have five tents in one hand and four sleeping bags in the other, what do you have? (Big hands.)

Gather families together for a s’more snack. Outdoor s’mores are great! But here’s an indoor option, too.

What You’ll Need

  • Large marshmallows, one for each person
  • Graham crackers, one sheet for each person
  • Cake-pop sticks, one for each person
  • Quart-size zip-top plastic bags, one for each person
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Rolling pin(s)
  • Paper plates
  • Hand-cleaning wipes

What You’ll Do

  • Give each child a paper plate, a zip-top bag, and a graham cracker square.
  • Demonstrate how to place the cracker into the bag and zip the bag closed. Then, let students use their hands or a rolling pin to crush the graham cracker into very fine pieces.
  • Give every child a marshmallow and a cake-pop stick. Show children how to poke the stick into their marshmallows.
  • Help children dip the marshmallow into a bowl of chocolate syrup. Then immediately put the chocolate-covered marshmallow into the bag of crushed crackers and roll it around. The crackers will stick to the chocolate syrup for a faux s’more.
  • Use wet wipes for easy cleanup.


What outreach events are you planning for fall? Let us know by commenting below!

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