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13 Ways to Show God's Love on Valentine's Day

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 04, 2019
13 Ways to Show God's Love on Valentine's Day

By Cherie Werner

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience (Colossians 3:12 ESV).

As members of Christ’s body, we have been chosen by God and are dearly loved by him. It’s a kind of love that goes far beyond February 14. And, it’s a kind of love we are meant to share with others. As Valentine’s Day approaches, consider sharing the compassion, kindness, and humility that the Holy Spirit has placed in your heart. Reach out to those who feel unloved with the never-ending, unconditional love of our Savior.

Gather a group (include all ages at your church) and pick one of these activities to do on Valentine’s Day.

  • Decorate posters with Bible verses that explain God’s perfect love for us through Jesus. Post them around town and make smaller versions to leave in doctor’s offices, at restaurants, and in grocery carts.
  • Make cards for shut-ins and seniors who live alone. Send people out two by two to deliver the cards. Plan for the partners to stay awhile at each house and spend time talking with the person.
  • Sing at a nursing home.
  • Make care packages for military members and their families.
  • Deliver a special Valentine’s Day treat to the neighbors around your church. Give them information about events and opportunities for connecting to your church.
  • Host a clothing drive or toy drive for a local homeless shelter.
  • Consider writing letters to people in prison, detention centers, and halfway houses. Reach out with the message of God’s love for the people who often feel like there is no hope for them.
  • Gather names of people who frequent the food pantry. Make up special baskets for each family. Include cards that share the message of God’s love for them through Jesus.
  • Plan a community service project to show others that because of what Jesus has done for you, you want to reach out and help others. Possibilities could include shoveling snow, making car repairs, taking seniors grocery shopping, and raising money to help people with utility bills.
  • Invite people into your church for a Valentine’s Day luncheon.
  • Have a special Valentine’s Day service that focuses on God’s love for us and how he showed his love through Jesus.
  • Host an evening get-together for all ages. Have a meal, host a game night, watch a movie, play dodgeball, or make Valentine’s Day crafts.
  • Offer free babysitting for parents who would like an evening out.

How is your church emphasizing kindness and compassion this February?

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