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Faith Encouragement

Promise Box (Jesus Is Here . . . When I Need Somebody to Trust, part 2 of 2)

CTA - Christ to All /Feb. 16, 2022
Promise Box (Jesus Is Here . . . When I Need Somebody to Trust, part 2 of 2)

By Alison Zeller 

Create a Promise Box as a way to remind yourself of the promises that God makes and keeps! He is with you every day—always! 

What You’ll Need

  • A small container (a small shoebox, an old mint container, or a plastic food storage bowl will work)
  • Markers, glue, fabric, ribbons, and other decorations
  • Glue and tape (ask for an adult’s permission if you’d like to use hot glue)
  • A few sheets of paper
  • Pencil
  • Bible 

What You’ll Do

  1. Use your supplies to decorate your promise box.
  2. Work with a grown-up or an older sibling to find promises from God in the Bible. (You can use the Bible verses you read in this book, too!) Write one promise down on each piece of paper. Fold up the papers and put them into your box.
  3. Place your box somewhere for safekeeping. This could be under your bed, on your nightstand, or on your bookshelf.
  4. Pull out your box each morning when you wake up. Pick a paper and read the promise to remind you that Jesus is here with you, every day! 


Editor’s note: Today’s entry (part 2 of 2) is slightly adapted from the newest activity prayer journal for kids, Jesus Is Here: Promises, Projects & Prayers for Kids.   Read part 1 here.