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30 Days of Prayer for Students

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 03, 2019
30 Days of Prayer for Students

By Cherie Werner

The beginning of a new school year is upon us!

Students of all ages face many pressures, dangers, and difficulties when starting a new year. We encourage you and those in your ministry to take the next thirty days to pray for your students. Start with the suggestions below and keep on praying this month and throughout the year.

September 1 Pray for all students. Ask that God would bless them this year, keep them safe, and help them to learn and grow in the knowledge of him.

September 2 Pray for all students to be kind to one another and learn to show love and support for each other.

September 3 Pray for older students to be good role models for younger students.

September 4 Praise God for children who are considered gifted and talented. Pray that God would help them recognize the gifts he has given them and that they would use their gifts to bless others.

September 5 Pray for students who have physical, mental, or learning disabilities. Pray that God will give them the help that they need and that they will find ways to excel and gain success.

September 6 Pray for students who have moved into a new school. Ask that the Holy Spirit would work in their hearts to help them make friends, fit in, and do well in class.

September 7 Praise God for students who are bold in sharing their faith. Ask God to encourage them and help them see how he is using their testimony.

September 8 Pray for students in high school or college who do not know what they want to do with their lives. Ask Jesus to walk with them and give them guidance.

September 9 Pray for students who are hurting or don’t like going to school.

September 10 Praise God for students who are hard workers and good leaders.

September 11 Pray for students who feel tempted to cheat. Ask Jesus to shower them with forgiveness and grace, showing them a different path to get what they need.

September 12 Pray for students who are struggling with difficult issues at home. Pray that God will give them someone to listen and help.

September 13 Pray for Christian students in public schools. Ask God to keep them strong in the middle of conflicts and to help them be bold about sharing their faith with others.

September 14 Pray that Jesus’ comfort would be upon children who feel lonely, forgotten, and friendless.

September 15 Praise God for students who work hard and do what is right.

September 16 Pray for students who battle anxiety or depression. Ask that Jesus would be their peace.

September 17 Pray for all students to hear about and come to know Jesus in a personal way.

September 18 Pray for student athletes. Ask God to keep them safe as they play and help them to be good sports when they lose.

September 19 Pray for students who are facing peer pressure to do things they don’t want to do. Ask God to help them stay strong and to provide a way out.

September 20 Pray that God will keep all students safe at school.

September 21 Pray for students who want to go to college but do not have the money or resources. Ask God to make a way.

September 22 Praise the Lord for students who are kind and helpful to others.

September 23 Pray that parents will be willing and available to work with teachers to help their children learn and grow throughout the year.

September 24 Pray for college students preparing to graduate this year and for those who have recently graduated. Ask God to show them his plan and provide jobs for them.

September 25 Pray for students who want to go to school but are battling an illness.

September 26 Pray for students who have moved away from home to go to college. Ask God to keep them safe and to put people in their lives who will point them to Jesus.

September 27 Pray for students who are considering suicide.

September 28 Pray for students who are angry or mean to others. Ask Jesus to heal their hurts and give them a spirit of love and compassion.

September 29 Pray for children who come to school hungry, sick, or tired.

September 30 Pray that the Holy Spirit will open students’ minds so they can learn and grow. Ask that their hearts would be opened to faith in Jesus and sharing his love with others.

Let us know! How are you supporting students this school year?

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