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10 Characteristics of a Powerful Women's Ministry for 2024

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 18, 2023
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By Kristin Schultz

As a women’s ministry leader, you have been blessed with the opportunity to share God’s love and grace in Jesus. You have the awesome responsibility of connecting women with each other and with their Savior!

Now that you’re embarking on another year of ministry, it’s a good time to take an honest inventory of your program and the ministry God has given you. Take a moment to prayerfully evaluate what God may be calling you to continue doing and what he may be calling you to change as you head into a new season of being a blessing to the women in your group. These 10 guidelines are a great guide to get you started!

  1. Christ-centered: We are all sinners and we all need Jesus. Whatever Bible studies you choose or activities you plan, make sure Christ, and his forgiveness, is at the center.
  2. Purpose: Christians want to live their faith and share it with others. Establish a clear purpose for your women’s ministry so that any study or activity you plan works toward and supports your purpose. Examples of purpose include: growing in faith, serving others, or building relationships.
  3. Authentic: The internet is full of great ideas for wow-worthy events and activities, but make sure whatever you choose is authentic to the group of women you serve. For example, do not plan a fabric-buying trip if no one in your group quilts.
  4. Organized: Disorganized events stress everyone out—the planners and the participants. Bite off only what you can chew and execute well. Bible studies and outings don’t have to be elaborate to have an impact. Communicate clearly and take the time you need to prepare.
  5. Friendly: Not everyone in your group may know each other. Make sure you plan icebreakers and get-to-know-you activities to make everyone feel welcome. When people feel comfortable, they are more likely to share and learn from one another.
  6. Inclusive: Some women in your group have children and others don’t. Take into account everyone’s experiences and life stages when planning. Diversity in thought and experience provides even more ways for women to share how God is working in their lives in unique ways.
  7. Fun: The Bible uses the word joy more than 200 times! Laughter and levity should be welcome in women’s ministry. (For Joy in the Journey gifts for women, click here.)
  8. Dependability: If you plan something, stick to it! It’s easy to get discouraged if attendance is low, but keep at it. If you set a semimonthly activity or outing, make sure you do it. It may take time for an idea to catch on.
  9. Prayerfulness: This isn’t your ministry. It’s God’s ministry to his dearly loved daughters. Be in prayer for the ministry and the women you will reach with the Good News of the Gospel. God hears us when we pray and he will guide you.
  10. Open-minded: There may be women in your group who have awesome ideas you haven’t even thought of! Solicit new ideas and ask women what they want to learn and how they want to grow. Seek to meet their needs, not just check off a list of activities and studies.

What do you love most about your women’s program? What are you looking to change this year?