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Host a Post-Christmas Parent's Day Out

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 02, 2019
Host a Post-Christmas Parent's Day Out

By Kristin Schultz

The presents are opened, the toys are assembled, and while parents may have to go back to work, kids will enjoy the next week and a half on winter break. Don’t let the parents in your ministry pull their hair out! Host a parent’s day out some time between Christmas and New Year’s Day to keep the kids engaged and busy.

Don’t overthink this event—just provide a morning of fun and energy-filled activities! Here a few ideas to start your brainstorming.

  • Gratitude Flyers

Gather paper, crayons, markers, paint, glue, glitter—whatever craft supplies you have lying around—and have the kids make gratitude posters for the people who gave them gifts this Christmas. More than a thank-you note, a gratitude poster lets children express their thanks with a flair all their own! Let older kids create their gratitude posters using computer software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, or Adobe InDesign.

  • Fake Snow

Even if you have the real stuff outside, fake snow can provide hours of fun—and it won’t cause frost bite! To make fake snow, mix three cups of baking soda with ½ cup of white hair conditioner. The fake show is soft, moldable, and even a little cool to the touch.

  • Celebration Station

Host an event that reminds kids of the real reason for Christmas. Download the FREE train-themed event guide and let kids spend an hour choo-chooing through stations, playing games, singing songs, and hearing about the good news of Jesus’ birth!

  • Treasure Hunt

Write and hide clues that lead children from one place to another. At the end of the hunt, make sure each child takes home a reminder of the treasure we have in Jesus.

  • Blessings Table Runner

Encourage kids to take a moment to remember all the ways God has blessed them and has been their Friend during the last year. Lay out a roll of paper and cut it to fit the length of a table. Have kids write or draw the ways they saw God work in their lives in 2019. Leave the table runner in place for a snack or mealtime at your church as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

  • DIY Photo Booth
    Collect fancy dress up items like boas or oversized sunglasses, or have kids make and decorate paper hats and other silly wearable items. Make small signs that read “2020” or have the children decorate a sign with their favorite Bible verse. Then let each child pick props and get silly for the camera! Use your phone so that you can easily send the pictures to the kids’ parents.

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