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Not All That Glitters Is God - A Free Devotion

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 15, 2019
Not All That Glitters Is God - A Free Devotion

By A. Trevor Sutton

Take care lest your heart be deceived, and you turn aside and serve other gods and worship them (Deuteronomy 11:16 ESV).

“Not all that glitters is gold.” This well-known saying warns that appearances can be deceiving. Something may appear to be precious, good, and valuable when in fact it is deceptive, false, and worthless.

Cubic zirconia is a diamond simulant. To the untrained eye, a cubic zirconia looks identical to a real diamond. It outwardly possesses all the characteristics of a diamond—cut, clarity, carat, and color. Separating the real diamond from the false diamond takes close inspection and sometimes even a test. Since diamonds are significantly harder than cubic zirconia, the two rocks can be tested side by side. The test is simple: heat up the rock with a candle flame and then drop it into a cup of cold water. The false diamond will shatter; the real diamond will remain perfectly intact.

False gods abound in this world. They look to be perfect substitutes for the one true God. Wealth glitters, promising to fulfill your deepest desires. Social success beckons you to “keep up with the Joneses” until you get to a place of unending joy and satisfaction. Temptation whispers the possibility of great pleasure and gratification. Even your own heart will tell you that your accomplishments and abilities sparkle with perfection. Do not be fooled! Not all that glitters is God!

The Lord, the Rock of our salvation, is the only true God. He alone possesses perfect clarity and holiness. He alone is powerful and perfect. All others shatter under extreme stress. But the Lord reigns forever!

When your faith in false gods starts to crack, the Lord has the gift of forgiveness waiting for you. Turn to the One who endured the stress of having all your sins placed upon himself. Turn to the One who felt the heat of rejection on the cross and who underwent the pressure of death and the tomb. Turn to the One who, like a diamond unearthed from the ground, emerged from the tomb alive and victorious over sin and death. Jesus did it all for you!

Trust in the Lord, the Rock of your salvation. He is stronger than all, purer than all, and more precious than all!

Prayer starter: Lord God, you alone are the perfect and precious Rock of my salvation. Shatter all the false gods in my life . . .

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