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5 New Year's Resolutions for Kidmin

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 07, 2019
5 New Year's Resolutions for Kidmin

By Alison Zeller

2019 is here! What do you have planned for the new year of kidmin?

As you consider the upcoming year, don’t simply focus on the things written on your calendar. Challenge yourself to do something different this year. Changing just a few things can really freshen up your ministry - for the leaders and the kids!

Here are five new year’s resolutions that can make a big impact in kid’s ministry. (Be sure to tell us about your own resolutions in the comments section below!)

  • Try one new thing each month.

Do you ever feel like you’re on the hamster wheel of kidmin? Do yourself a favor and try something new each month. A new type of craft for Sunday school, a new music source for your youth group, a new time for your leaders’ meetings. You never know, one of these small changes may blossom into a great shift in your kidmin program.

  • Pray for your kids.

Don’t just think about it or say you’ll do it - actually pray for your kids! Take your kidmin list home with you and pray for the kids during your morning devotion time. Or, ask the children for specific prayer requests on Sunday and pray for those throughout the week. Be intentional with prayer in 2019!

  • Get the kids involved in outreach projects.

Consider how many of your children’s ministry projects are focused inward and how many have an outreach focus. Kids respond well to action-orientated outreach projects, so put them to work in 2019! You could even research a few outreach organizations and let your youth group vote on which they would like to support. Then, reserve a few minutes of each midweek class or Sunday school session to work on the outreach project.

  • Improve communication with parents.

Do you have a kidmin newsletter? Or an app? Or any real way of communicating with parents? Talk to a few parents to see what’s working and what’s falling flat when it comes to communication. Make 2019 the year that kids, parents, teachers, and leaders are all on the same page!

  • Have fun with your kids!

We’ve all been there. At times, working in children’s ministry can be stressful, discouraging, overwhelming . . . anything but fun. Remind yourself to serve with joy this year. Remember why you started serving in kidmin and do more of the things that set your spirit on fire!

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