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It’s All Over

CTA - Christ to All /Mar. 15, 2021
It’s All Over

By Jeff Cloeter 

It is finished (John 19:30 ESV). 

For Reflection: “It is finished” could easily be spoken in a negative sense. We say things like “I’m ruined.” “It’s all over.” “There is no way I could recover from this.” “I give up.” Jesus used these words differently, not in defeat but in triumph. “It is finished” meant that his saving work was completed by his sacrifice on the cross. It is as if he said, “Sin is ruined. Death is over. Victory is here.” Only Jesus has the authority to use these words to rebuke sin and evil. Only Jesus can say, “It is finished,” and a new life begins. Today, consider your secret sins, sins that need to be finished. Then claim Jesus’ victory as your own, embracing the forgiveness and fresh start that is yours, new every morning. 

Pray: Jesus, bring an end to all that is rotten in me. Then, each day, bring about a new beginning in my life. Give me strength to turn away from temptation and walk in your ways. Today, I ask you to . . .


Editor’s note: Today’s reflection is slightly adapted from the prayer journal It Is Finished. For additional adult Easter-preparation products from CTA, click here.