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It's Time for a New Year

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 17, 2018
It's Time for a New Year

By admin

“Welcome aboard for a new year of ministry!”

That’s the message you will want to convey this fall to your staff, teachers, and volunteers. While your enthusiasm for the new year spreads throughout your ministry, a few heartfelt gifts can encourage and inspire your co-workers, too!

Here are a few ways to get the year started right!

  • Prior to meetings, use sidewalk chalk to decorate the walkways into your building with messages like “You are Making an Eternal Difference,” and “Day by day . . . things you do and say . . . make an eternal difference!” 
  • Order a customized mug or tumbler and give one to each person on your team. In addition to your church name, customize the drinkware with your theme for the year. Include a handwritten note, personalizing your thanks and expressing your willingness to pray and to be supportive throughout the months ahead. Include your contact information to underscore the genuineness of your words.
  • If you have a room dedicated to volunteers or a teacher or staff lounge, decorate it! Use bright, energetic colors. Post a staff calendar that lists birthdays and other important dates. Print and frame Bible verses. Make centerpieces with silk flowers. Set out a basket of devotion books for volunteers or staff members to read during breaks.
  • Surprise your team with a unique gift - an umbrella. Include a note that says, “Seasons change, but the love of Jesus never will! You are making an eternal difference!”
  • During the first month of your new year, plan a “spirit week” with dress-up days for your team. Consider “twin day,” “crazy hat day,” “favorite movie day,” and “wild socks day.” Recruit some church members to be “judges” and award prizes to the best-dressed team members.

How are you planning on ushering in a new year of ministry?

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