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Immanuel & Friend - Kids Devotions

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 25, 2019
Immanuel & Friend - Kids Devotions

Immanuel & Friend

What You’ll Need

  • Small bucket or other container
  • Small toy block
  • Bible

What You’ll Do

Place the bucket and block on the table. Explain that you need a volunteer to put the block inside the bucket. Choose a volunteer. Then explain further. You need to put the block inside the bucket, but you may only use one finger to do it. After a few unsuccessful tries, let other volunteers give it a try. Make the point that it’s not possible to put the block into the bucket using only one finger.

In order to solve this challenge, it takes a two. It takes a friend. Call the first volunteer up to help you. As both of you apply pressure to opposite sides of the block, each using only one finger, the block can be placed into the bucket. Thank and dismiss the volunteer.

Then say: This isn’t a realistic life challenge, is it? What are some real challenges or problems little children sometimes face? (Choose a few volunteers to respond.) Bigger kids? (Choose a few volunteers to respond.) Grown-ups have challenges, too. Can you name a few? (Choose a few volunteers to respond.) Problems in life sometimes seem impossible! When you have problems, it’s important to remember two names for Jesus: Friend and Immanuel.

Read John 15:15 to the group from your Bible. Then say: Jesus is a Friend. More than that, he is my friend! He is your friend! Listen to what else the Bible says. Read John 15:13 aloud. Jesus, your Friend, loves you more than anyone else ever can or ever will! He proved his love for each of us when he died on the cross for our sins and came alive again!

It’s so good to know that Jesus is our Friend, but a second name for Jesus makes his friendship even more important! Jesus is Immanuel. Say it with me: Ee-man-you-el. The Bible tells us what that name means. (Read Matthew 1:23.) Immanuel means God is with us! Jesus, our Friend, was born as a baby on the first Christmas. He came to earth to be our very best friend of all! God is always with us—loving us, protecting us, caring for us, and forgiving us—at Christmas and every other day of the year, too!


Let’s thank Jesus, God with us, for being our Friend. Dear Jesus, thank you for loving us and making us your friends. Help us, Friend Jesus, when we feel sad and lonely. Remind us that you are Immanuel—God with us—always! Amen.

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