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If Your Volunteers Wrote a Christmas List

CTA - Christ to All /Nov. 19, 2019
If Your Volunteers Wrote a Christmas List

By Gail Marsh

Most kids will studiously prepare a Christmas list, an expansive list of the toys they hope to receive. Adult family members may come up with a detailed wish list, too. Even worldwide charities are known to publish Christmas catalogs that feature the specific needs of the people they serve. Lists make gift giving easier, don’t they? It’s hard to go wrong when the only thing Uncle Ed lists is “Crescent wrench” or you know Aunt Jane is specifically wishing for lime-green hand towels. 

And then there are your volunteers: those dedicated folks who selflessly devote their weekends, evenings, and days off from work to help you make ministry happen. Your valued volunteers wouldn’t make a Christmas wish list even if you demanded it! So how can you choose just the right Christmas gift for these important people? Is there a gift that clearly says, “I appreciate you so much! You are a true blessing to me and all the people you serve?”

First, consider each volunteer as an individual. There’s no rule that says each volunteer must receive the same gift. (Imagine what Uncle Ed would think if he unwrapped lime green hand towels!) If you’re concerned that gift comparisons will be made, plan to wrap the gifts in identical gift bags. Fill the bags with tissue paper and all of them will appear to be the same. (Be sure to put gift recipient’s names on each bag to avoid confusion. Remember Uncle Ed?) If you still have concerns about the equality of gifts, purchase movie tickets or restaurant gift certificates for everyone in addition to a personalized gift.

You see, a personalized gift says you put some thought into the gift. You purposely chose that specific item for a specific volunteer. Hopefully as you’ve worked with your volunteers over the past several months, you’ve gotten to know them on a personal level. Keep that in mind as you think about “gifting” them this Christmas.

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