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Candy Cane Craft Part 2 of 2

CTA - Christ to All /Jan. 13, 2021
Candy Cane Craft Part 2 of 2

By Julie Heath 

(This coordinates with the January 6th blog.)

What You’ll Need

  • White and red construction paper
  • Markers or crayons
  • Safety scissors (for kids’ use)
  • Clear tape or glue sticks

What You’ll Say

We have considered that even though candy canes are generally a Christmas candy, they can remind us of Jesus as we start the New Year. Many stories in the Bible teach about times that God’s people put items or “markers” in their lives to remind them of the wonderful things God has done.

  • Read Joshua 4:1–7. The people were to bring stones out of the river that they crossed into the promised land to remind them of God’s miracles and provision
  • Read Psalm 78. This is a song to remind Israel’s people of the many things God had given to them in their history.
  • Read Deut. 4:6–9. The people of Israel were to put Scripture in boxes on their doors to remind them of God every time they left home (and came back).

So, as you think about the ways that you can grow and learn in the New Year, let’s make a candy cane reminder to put in your room.

Cut a candy cane shape out of white construction paper (if you need help, remember, draw a letter J and then cut around it to make it about 1” wide). Then, cut strips of red paper and glue them on top of the white to make a “candy cane.” Write things on the candy cane that you can remember about Jesus and to look at as a reminder for hope in the year ahead.

Put your candy cane in your room or somewhere you will see it this month (or all year!) to remind you that Jesus came at Christmas, but he is STILL with us and can help us to grow and learn.

Editor’s note: A fun craft to remind kids that Jesus came at Christmas, but is STILL with us!