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Books and Stories to Help Children's Ministers Teach Bible Literacy

CTA - Christ to All /Jul. 31, 2023
Books and Stories to Help Children's Ministers Teach Bible Literacy

By CTA-Christ to All

What stories do you remember from your childhood? Stories, especially good ones, stick with us. They teach us about life, love, and loss. Stories also help us to connect, understand, and learn. 

When God wanted to share his love for us and to show us who he is and what he does, he chose to use a multitude of personal stories all woven together under the ultimate story of his redemptive work for us through Jesus. 

CTA is excited to share with you many fun and useful items to support you in your efforts to help the children in your ministry learn and know the Bible better. These resources will also help you and your staff understand how to teach Bible literacy to children of all ages. 

Dive into God’s Word offers a plethora of resources for both Old and New Testament stories including games, activity books, crafts, activity pages, story cards, stickers, and several free downloads.  

Warriors of Faith has videos, collectibles tags, an activity book, flash cards, and posters. 

There are several different activity books for children 7–11 years old. You can find books related to Christmas, Easter, Bible literacy, and faith building.  

For a more personalized experience, kids can dig deeper into God’s Word with an activity journal for ages 7–11 and preteens. 

For a project-based approach to Bible literacy and faith building, kids can be challenged to earn and collect dog tags with activity books and resources. 

Gospel Fun for Little Ones books are designed especially for young children ages 3–6.  They can be found with the activity books.  Or just search for “Gospel Fun” when on

 There are also several “Read to me” Easter books and  Christmas books for little ones and families.

 The Bible Story Quiz Game and flash cards can be used to check understanding and make Bible learning fun. 

We hope that as you seek to teach Bible literacy to the children in your ministry, you will explore all of the materials that CTA has to offer. We would be honored to help you point your students to Jesus and help them grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.  

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