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A Gratitude Prayer Calendar for June

CTA - Christ to All /May. 26, 2020
A person making notes on a June calendar on a clipboard

It’s not always easy to be grateful, but experts are recommending that daily gratitude is one healthy approach to making it through difficult times. It is important to acknowledge the gifts God has given to you. Try thanking God for one thing each day during the month of June. Start each prayer of gratitude with “Thank you God for . . .”

June 1 – my family (name family members).

June 2 – essential workers and their faithful service.

June 3 – the leaders in my church (list at least two by name).

June 4 – the opportunity to worship you.

June 5 – elected leaders who strive for peace.

June 6 – forgiving me.

June 7 – providing shelter and a home.

June 8 – the people who serve in ministry and think they go unnoticed like (name someone like this).

June 9 – reliable transportation that gets me where I need to go.

June 10 – rest, even when it feels like I don’t get enough.

June 11 – servicemen and -women who serve in our armed forces.

June 12 – food producers who labor so I can eat and be filled.

June 13 – the administrators and staff who educate the children in my community.

June 14 – clothes that keep me warm.

June 15 – providing a paycheck so I can provide for others.

June 16 – music that lifts me up and praises you.

June 17 – a bed to sleep in.

June 18 – heating and air-conditioning that keep me safe in all seasons.

June 19 – technology that keeps me in contact with those I love.

June 20 – laughter.

June 21 – books and the freedom to read them.

June 22 – undeserved grace in my life.

June 23 – people who keep me humble.

June 24 – challenging situations because they cause me to rely on you.

June 25 – shoes that fit.

June 26 – hot, running water.

June 27 – quiet moments whenever and wherever they happen.

June 28 – children and pets.

June 29 – peace in my country.

June 30 – the never-ending, unfailing love you have for me, even when I find it hard to be grateful.