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Fun Mealtime or Snack Time Prayers for Children

CTA - Christ to All /Dec. 29, 2021
Healthy snack foods for kids

By Bethany Pitman   

It is fun to try different prayers at mealtimes and snack times. Here are some compiled prayers that are fun for kids! Try them at your next children’s ministry event or send them home with families to try at home.   

Prayer 1: ABC   

ABC and 123 

Thank you, God, for feeding me!  
Prayer 2: Shark Prayer—to the rhythm of the famous shark music in Jaws 

(Put palms together on top of your head like a shark fin. Move your fin up and down getting faster with the Jaws music.)  
God is great  
And God is good 
And let us thank him for our food!  
Prayer 3: Superman Prayer—to the tune of Superman theme song  
Thank you God for giving us food! (put right arm straight out over your head) 
Thank you God for giving us food! (put left arm out over your head) 
For the food that we eeeeeat! And the friends that we meeeeeeet! (move both arms like you are flying) 
Thank you God for giving us food! (both arms out straight) 
Amen! (arms on hips in a superhero stance) 
Prayer 4: Thank you, Jesus—to the tune of “Frère Jacques” or “Brother John”

Thank you, Jesus. 
Thank you, Jesus. 
For this food! 
For this food!  
Keep our bodies strong 
Keep our bodies strong 
All day long.  
All day long.    

Prayer 5: Johnny Appleseed—to the tune of “Johnny Appleseed”  

The Lord is good to me 
And so I thank the Lord! 
For giving me 
The things I need: 
The sun and the rain 
And the apple seed.  
The Lord is good to me.  
Amen. Amen. Amen, amen, amen. Aaaaamen!  
Prayer 6: Jesus—to the tune of “Jesus in the Morning”  

Jesus, Jesus, 
Jesus gives us blessings. 
Jesus always feeds us. 
Jesus, Jesus, 
He provides for all our needs!    

Prayer 7: Thank You   

Thank you for the food we eat. 
Thank you for the friends we meet. 
Thank you for the food you give 
And the house in which we live. Amen!     

Editor’s Note: The author does not claim authorship for all of these compiled prayers. For more children’s ministry ideas to share with your children or send home with families, click here.