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Planning a Children's Christmas Program?

CTA - Christ to All /Sep. 30, 2019
Planning a Children's Christmas Program?

By Gail Marsh

It’s never too soon to think about Christmas! Especially as we get into October, it’s never too soon to plan your kids’ ministry Christmas program. Here are some organizational ideas to get you started:

Gather five hard-working, excited-about-Christmas people. (Did I mention dependable? That, too!) Each person you choose will head up a program committee, charged with specific tasks which culminate in the most memorable Christmas program ever! (Did I mention that you may need to serve as cheerleader and all-around encourager? You will!)

Here are the committees, along with some of their duties. You’ll need to personalize these committees to fit your church’s needs. (Ready? Belt out a rousing stanza of Joy to the World and then, let’s get started.)

The Publicity Committee is in charge of getting the word out about your special Christmas event. (Did I mention that communication is vitally important? It is!) First, these committee members must communicate with families whose children are part of the production. The committee will communicate regularly with families via email, phone messages, and texts. Along with keeping families up to speed, this committee will also publicize the actual Christmas event. Facebook and other social media will help spread the word, along with printed posters and flyers. The Publicity Committee is also in charge of the Christmas program handout that’s given to audience members the night of the presentation.

The Decoration Committee is in charge of making your event area welcoming and Christmassy. (If that’s not an actual word, it should be, right?) If your program has a particular theme, be sure this committee is informed so that they can emphasize the theme throughout the event space. Since your main goal is to let the children retell the story of Christ’s birth, the décor should point participants and their audience to the birth of Jesus. Teens and other adults can help paint sets, make backdrops, or construct stage panels. Check out Pinterest or other websites for new ideas, but be sure to include your church’s traditional decorations, as well.

The Prop and Costume Committee gathers together props and also secures costumes for the children, if needed. (It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Please! Don’t burden families with having to come up with costumes for their children. They have enough to do during this hectic season. So do you, I know! That’s why you’re delegating.) Find simple-to-make costume ideas online or modify the existing costumes that may be hiding in your church attic. All costumes should be designed for safety: hem lengths that allow for kneeling, walking safely up steps, or even running! Once costumes have been properly fitted, put them on a hanger along with the child’s name, and fasten any needed props to the hanger, as well.

The Technical Committee helps with lights and sound. It’s best to have the people who regularly work the AV equipment lead this committee. Be sure these people attend rehearsals and consider having someone from the Technical Committee record the actual program for you.

The Set-Up/Take-Down Committee will do just as their name suggests. It’s a good idea to include a church maintenance person to assist this group. Not only will she or he have the necessary access keys, but can stand by in case of an accident or mishap the night of the program.

And then there’s you. (Yes, you!) You take the first step—choosing how your children will present the good news of Jesus’ birth! CTA offers several FREE Christmas programs and musical resources. (Did I mention that it’s easy? It is!) Songs, scripts, and everything else you need is all ready for you! There are even Christmas-themed gifts you can give to the children afterwards for a job well done!

Start now . . . even though Christmas is weeks away! The extra time just might allow you to enjoy the children’s service (and its preparation) more than ever before!

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