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3 Benefits of Hosting a Fall Festival or Halloween Alternative Event This Year

CTA - Christ to All /Aug. 01, 2022
3 Benefits of Hosting a Fall Festival or Halloween Alternative Event This Year

By Cherie Werner 

“What should we do about Halloween?” That is a question faced by many congregations and leaders of children’s ministry. Rather than ignore it, you can use it as an opportunity to host a special event that will help you bring the light of Jesus into many lives in several different ways. 

  1. Jesus will be the focus—in the middle of it all. Inviting families to a Christian-themed fall festival will give you the opportunity to make the event all about Jesus. Although Halloween might be seen as just a fun event for kids, it can be scary and sometimes dangerous. Hosting an event either at your church or at a neutral location, however, will give you the opportunity to change the focus and lead people to Jesus, the Light. It can be a chance for you to disciple members of your congregation and, at the same time, reach out to nonbelievers with the Gospel message. 
  2. You will build relationships. In addition to being a fun event for children, your fall festival can be a great time to connect with parents and allow them to connect with each other. Provide a time for parents to talk or ask questions. Give parents information about ways to connect through programs or services you offer at your church. Invite them back to church or your next event. Gather contact information and prayer requests and then follow up a few weeks after your event. 
  3. You can provide an opportunity for service. Consider using your event to help serve those who come or other members of your community. Not only will this be a blessing to those who are served, it will help those who serve to grow in faith and love for others. Collect and distribute canned food, school supplies, warm coats, hats, socks, mittens, or toys. During the event include a time for making cards or crafts to send to the homebound, nursing home residents, or military members. Pack boxes to send to needy families for Christmas. 

Editor’s note: CTA has created several different Halloween alternative events. We pray you will find one that will work for you and your ministry.


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