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What's for Dinner? The Prayer Issue

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Looking for ways to encourage kids to talk to Jesus? With the Prayer Issue of the What's for Dinner? magazine, you can teach families about the power of prayer through creative, hands-on activities. The fun games and challenges in this 60-page issue will spark new ideas about how and when to pray, as well as help families develop the habit of turning to God's Word—even without prompting! Designed for the whole family to work on together, What's for Dinner? The Prayer Issue will cultivate healthy, open conversations between kids and adults as they explore their prayer lives. The activities also encourage families to think about others as well as themselves when they pray.

Use this magazine to inspire kindness, foster important interactions within families, and strengthen the relationship each child has with his or her Savior. Families can work through What's for Dinner? The Prayer Issue over breakfast or dinner, or they can complete one activity together before bed to end each day with a reminder to talk to Jesus.

Written by Dema Kohen, founder of WeAreKidMin. Magazine measures 8 1/2" x 11" and contains 60 pages. Ideal for families with children 4 and up.

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