Kids will rise to the challenge in areas of sports and academics, but they're rarely given the opportunity to do the same in areas of faith.

What if...

We celebrated and rewarded our kids for accomplishments that have true eternal significance such as memorizing Scripture, bringing friends to church, sharing their faith, and much more!

We've created 24 different dog tags that commemorate all of your kids' hard work and accomplishments of true eternal significance.

One of our CTA friends was excited to tell us about this idea after trying it at her church and seeing more engagement among the children. Now we're sharing all of those wonderful reward ideas with you!

Dog tags for Every Kid-Min Purpose

Kids love collecting these for each achievement! You can also purchase activity books with stickers and collectible tags.

  • Memorize a Bible verse? Get a dog tag!
  • Bring a friend to church? Get a dog tag!
  • Sharing your faith? Get a dog tag!
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Activity Books, too!

We've created activity books that directly correspond to the achievements the dog tags are designed to reward. You'll get a sticker sheet for each activity book you order. When children complete an activity page, you can reward them with a sticker to place in the book and then send them home with a plastic dog tag to add to their collection!
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Send-Home Free Ministry Messages

For each dog tag, you can download a free Ministry Message to send home so kids can show their parents what you were talking about and learning.

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Celebrate all of your kids' hard work with collectible dog tags that commemorate their victories!

  • Choose an activity you want to reinforce with your group.
  • Get the corresponding line of dog tags or activity books and stickers.
  • Start rewarding your kids!